parallax background


parallax background

We have decades of cyber and company-building experience was founded by the former CTO of Israel's National Cybersecurity Directorate, responsible for protecting all civilian assets in Israel and with a history of breakthrough cybersecurity solutions.

Our team includes leading experts in cybersecurity, high-performance computing, machine learning and AI.

Core team

Yuval Boger


Dr. Tal Steinherz

CTO, co-founder

Dr. Oren Laadan

Chief engineer

Yair Safrai


Our investors and advisors

Benhamou Global Ventures


Oren Ariel

David Irwin

Edy Almer

Alex Yampolskiy

parallax background

Customers who trust us

parallax background

" is the only holistic API anomaly detection solution that integrates machine learning based insights from both the business logic and technical analysis."

- CISO, major bank

"Other API anomaly detection solutions fail to handle the frequent changes in the API services and produce false alerts."

- CISO, international holding company

parallax background

parallax background

"Since APIs are controlled by the developers, CISOs are in need for an independent API discovery solution to control API exposure - this is exactly what we get from"

- CISO, major credit card issuer

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