Protect APIs and the business processes that rely on them

We address all three dimensions of API security:

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Unprecedented Protection

APIs power the business or sometimes are the business. API protection helps with revenue assurance and regulatory compliance, as well as protects your sensitive data.

Using a unique approach developed by the former CTO of Israel's cybersecurity center, delivers complete 3D API protection.

Deploy with Ease

Cloud, on-premise, hybrid or even cloud-to-cloud deployment

Vendor agnostic: works with your existing products

API Sniffer™ mode: zero performance or API reliability impact

API Sanitizier option: block or cleanse offending traffic

No agents to install, no rules to update

Discover, Analyze, Remediate

Automatic mapping of all APIs

Deep packet analysis uncovers problems that others don't. Analyzes message contents, not just the metadata

Learns, correlates and analyzes profiles for calls, sessions, users, IP addresses and API endpoints

Drill down to the root cause with contextual data

Meaningful insights in plain English, ready to share with the security, engineering and business teams

Comprehensive Protection

Detects what other systems can't

Finds known and unknown API attacks

Flags API abuse by credentialed users

Identifies PII and PHI data leaks

Discover regulatory violations of APIs

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